Local knowledge collection

Our local knowledge collection has been open to visitors since March 27, 2010 in the House of Cultures (Kultúrák Háza). (Tamási, Szabadság u. 29/2. 1st floor.)

Opening hours:

  • Monday: closed

  • Tuesday - Sunday: 2-6 pm

The permanent exhibition presents the archaeological, historical, and folk values of Tamási and its neighbourhood.

Historical and folk materials present the written and real documents of the past three centuries. A great deal of folk objects range from folk domestic tools to personal belongings.

Textiles presenting the characteristically coloured, weaved and embroidered clothing of the Kapos-Koppány valley folk region are of great importance. The guild jug dating back to 1819, whose former owner was the Weavers Guild of Tamási is also remarkable.

Part of the archaeological material can be seen in the photographs. The rest of them including the famous Concordia statue from the Roman ages can be found at the Wosinsky Mór Museum.